Ozark Flyer – Square Dance! Set no. 1


Want to have a square dance, but don’t have a live dance band handy? Ozark Flyer recorded these tunes at dance length (6 minutes) just for you!

When we started out as dance musicians, so many enthusiastic dancers and communities gave us support, coffee, and (usually gentle) feedback. It truly takes a village to make a dance band. This set of tunes is a heartfelt “THANK YOU” to our villages of dancers and our contribution to yours. We hope you enjoy it!

Track List

1. Fort Smith (G) 6:45
2. Walk Along John (G) 6:38
3. Marmaduke’s Hornpipe (D) 6:15
4. Eighth of January (D) 6:18
5. Hickman County Breakdown (D) 6:31
6. Tomahawk (A) 6:42
7. Polk County Breakdown (A) 7:00
8. Lonesome Polly Ann (A) 6:58

Ozark Flyer is Liz Amos, fiddle; AJ Gaddy, banjo; and Dave Cavins, guitar.

Liner Notes

Download the album notes to learn more about the music and the musicians.


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