Dwight Lamb with Jensen & Bugge “Live in Denmark 2010”


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Dwight Lamb met the Danish traditional music duo Jensen & Bugge while they were in the US at a music festival in Minnesota. When Dwight played tune after tune that the Danes had never before heard, Mette & Kristian realized that Dwight was a living trove of lost Danish tunes. Mette and Kristian invited Dwight to Denmark for a concert tour in 2010 where the recordings on this disc were made.

Sample Tunes

Oh Susanna

Isle of Fyn

Track List

  1. Quadrille (Trekant 1)
  2. Two Part Waltz
  3. Polka 1
  4. Tomorrow I Shall Wed, But Who Shall It Be (Schottische)
  5. Isle Of Fyn (Polka)
  6. Quadrille (Fra Tyskland Uddrog)
  7. Three Part Waltz
  8. Schotsche 1
  9. Storm (Polka)
  10. Den Toppede Hone
  11. Quadrille (Trekant 2)
  12. Mor Jeg Skal Tisse (Schottische)
  13. Polka 2
  14. Four Part Waltz
  15. Schottische 2
  16. Polka 3
  17. Schottische 3
  18. Oh Susanna
  19. Galop


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