Dwight Lamb and Elvin Campbell “Old Time Fiddle Classics”


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This CD collects two LPs, “Old-Time Fiddlin’ Left-Handed Style” 1 and 2, recorded in 1967 and 1972 by the unstoppable duo of Dwight Lamb and Elvin Campbell. Dwight contributes intricate and fascinating fiddle, and Elvin brings graceful, rock-solid guitar backup. The two longtime friends, both masters of their instruments, power through a passel of the best tunes from Missouri Valley old-time fiddle contests and local dances. This crisp, powerful music is as addictive to listen to as it is to play.

Dwight shows us how it’s done…left-handed style!

Track List

    from “Old-Time Fiddlin’ Left-Handed Style,” 1967
  1. Purcell’s Reel
  2. Centerville
  3. Pacific Slope
  4. Canary Waltz
  5. Fox Chase
  6. Dubuque’s Hornpipe
  7. Bennett’s Reel
  8. Adrian’s Hornpipe
  9. Thunderbolt Hornpipe
  10. Old Parnell
  11. Johnny Bring the Jug Around the Hill
  12. Comin’ Down from Denver
  13. Granny Will Your Dog Bite
  14. Jack Danielson’s Reel
  15. Pageant
  16. Dusty Miller
  17. from “Old-Time Fiddlin’ 2 Left-Handed Style,” 1972
  18. Gray Eagle
  19. Burt County Breakdown
  20. Dad’s Waltz
  21. Wart on the Pumphandle
  22. Bill Powell’s Waltz
  23. Five Miles Out of Town
  24. Rye Straw
  25. Lazy Kate
  26. Tennessee Wagner
  27. Trombone Rag
  28. Casey’s Hornpipe
  29. Waltz in G
  30. Old Ladies Pickin’ Chickens
  31. Katy Hill
  32. Billy in the Lowground
  33. Natchez Under the Hill
  34. Steamboat Round the Bend
  35. Cowboy Waltz

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