Dwight Lamb “80”


Dwight Lamb is an award-winning fiddler and button accordion player who’s been collecting tunes since he was old enough to wind a record player. In the years since, he’s wowed audiences and dancers from Idaho to Denmark. He’s also enjoying his eightieth year: join us for the party as Dwight and his protégé, Nate Kemperman, fiddle some traditional Missouri Valley tunes and have a roaring good time.

Sample Tunes

Chris Jerup’s Polka in G and D

Casey’s in A

Bill Gray’s Quadrille

Track List

  1. Big-Horned Cattle
  2. D Quadrille
  3. Art Wooten’s Hornpipe
  4. Bob Walters’ G Waltz
  5. Fort Smith
  6. Irish Cobbler
  7. Grand Army Quadrille
  8. Casey’s in A
  9. Give the Fiddler a Dram
  10. Cumberland Gap
  11. Chris Jerup’s Polka in G & D
  12. Norwegian Waltz
  13. Love Somebody
  14. Mahoney’s Reel
  15. Fox Chase
  16. Crooked Quadrille
  17. Spring Valley Jig/Aunt Maudie’s Quadrille
  18. Duncan’s Reel
  19. Clarence Lamb’s Polka in D & G
  20. Pate Simmons’ Schottische
  21. Clyde Durst’s Tune in F & B-flat
  22. Stephens’ Waltz #2
  23. Dark-Haired Girl
  24. Bill Gray’s Quadrille
  25. Bob’s Tune in G
  26. Inimitable Reel
  27. Little Red Barn
  28. Tugboat
  29. Rock All the Babies to Sleep

Liner Notes

Download the cover art and track list.
Download the album notes booklet to learn more about the tunes and the musicians.

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